A Taste of La Mancha


3 Days and 2 Nights

Day 1:

Upon arrival at Madrid airport, where you will be met, depending on the time of day, we can stop off at the ZEPA (Special Area for Protection of Birds) near the airport to view steppe species such as Great and Little Bustards, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Turtle and Collared Doves, Montagu´s Harrier, Buzzard, or perhaps Little, Long-eared, or Eagle Owls. If time allows, we can also visit the Lagunas of Alcazar as the ideal introduction to the Wetlands of La Mancha. View Flamingos, White Headed Duck, Marbled ducks, Pochards, Marsh Harriers and a wide variety of waders. You will then be taken to your accommodation.

Day 2:

Day two starts with a trip to the steppes of La Mancha, realm of the Great Bustards, nobles of the plains. We will explore the areas south of Ciudad Real where vast cereal fields, rough ground and gently rolling countryside define the Manchegan steppe habitat. Driving along dirt roads seldom frequented you will encounter Great and Little Bustards, Stone Curlews, Golden Plovers, Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Calandra Larks and a whole host of raptors such as Black-shouldered Kites, Buzzards, and Common and Lesser Kestrels. After a pleasant lunch you will visit Cabañeros National Park. Famed for its mountainous terrain, Mediterranean Forests, and Raña which is also known as the Spanish Serengeti, is home to Red Deer, Wild Boar, Spanish Imperial Eagles and the second second largest breeding colony of Black Vultures in the world. Access to the park is restricted, but included in your tour price, and in 4×4 vehicles you will be taken to the various sites where the best viewing is to be had.

Day 3:

The Tablas of Daimiel is the second of the two National Parks within Ciudad Real. It consists of roughly 2000Ha of marsh and wetland, unique in Europe. A favourite stopover for migrants, summer and winter visitors, the Tablas provide a veritable feast of passerines, waders and raptors. Later that afternoon you will then be taken to your point of destination whether it be Madrid Airport or Ciudad Real RENFE train station, or hotel if you are staying on in the Ciudad Real region.


  • 550 Euros per person.
  • Extra day extension only 80 euros per person more.
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