Welcome Egyptian Vultures

It´s spring, the weather has been crap for two weeks and finally I get out and they´ve been two good days. Two Glossy Ibis are still in Peralvillo, a Ruff in the Navas de Malagon as well as Little Ringed Plovers, Flamingoes in Pozuelo, Great Bustards in la Puebla and Stone Curlews in Malagon. A special welcome is also due to the Egyptian Vulture that flew over as I was near Pozuelo.

There is currently a project tracking four EV´s on their migration routes from the Sahel to Europe which uses GPS attached to them and can be found here: http://www.elviajedelalimoche.com/

They can migrate up to 5500km between Europe and Africa using their long steady wingbeats which gives them a very purposeful look in flight. This particular bird was having a battle against the wind which rasped the steppes of Campo de Calatrava yesterday. I wish it all the best on it´s journey.

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