Uisce Beatha, the Water of Life.

Okay, so Uisce Beatha is the Gaelic for whiskey, but the water in la Mancha now is providing many of natures creatures with life giving resources. And that´s important because it´s getting hot here, very hot. Yesterday was about 34C and the afternoons are a killer in the sun. Thankfully out by the reservoir there was a breeze and with the help of my scrim netting I had a semblance of shade. It´s too hot right now to be carrying a full hide far I think. Here´s how the ants saw me when they used my phone to call for pizza.

Hiding behind the Rushes
The water also helps cool the area and some get to enjoy it more than others. This male Black-winged Stilt was one of quite a few which used the pond in front of my spot in the rushes for a bit of a bath and some preening. Their eyes really are beautiful, reminiscent of the Black-shouldered Kite.

The sandgrouse didn´t come back in great numbers but one female did arrive for about 20 minutes, giving me the opportunity to get some shots I am very happy with.

The pratincoles also used the pond for having a drink.

 You can see videos for these three on my YouTube Channel. Here´s the Black-winged Stilt, the Sandgrouse, and the Collared Pratincole in full HD glory.

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