Birds and Beer…

…Or beer and birds, which was it? My wife and I just spent the weekend in Osuna, Sevilla at a reunion of the Spanish Homebrewers Association, of which she is a member. The place chosen was a Casa Rural near Osuna and 9 of us stayed the weekend whilst a bunch more came on Saturday for the day to eat, talk, drink quality homebrew and make some more. I had another agenda, as well as drinking some beer.

The morning started off with a cuckoo in the area prompting me to jump out of bed ready for a sunny day. The camera and tripod stayed on the patio all day and never moved whilst we drank homebrew, made more and ate a delicious paella. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on the bushes of the garden, Sardinian Warblers, Woodchat Shrikes, Serins, Blackcaps, and the ubiquitous sparrows flitted about. In the field across the road was a feeding frenzy for the Lesser Kestrels of which there were about 8-10. The skies every now and again also proved very interesting as Booted Eagles, both the dark and light morph, a Marsh Harrier and Short-toed Eagles flew past during the day.

On Sunday as we drove home past the seasonal lakes north of Osuna we saw Flamingoes, Avocets, Black Winged Stilts and other waders.

Osuna, a town of great history and fantastic birdlife. Cheers…

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