The Similarities of Whales and Sardinian Warblers

Sardinian Warbler - male (Sylvia melanocephala) 02
Sardinian Warbler – male (Sylvia melanocephala)

Sardinian Warblers are great. I was walking about in the Atalaya Forest Park (see the male below) on the edge of town looking for butterflies amongst the mediterranean bush up there when I heard the loud, and not totally un-melodic, sound of one. Sure enough, a male was only a few metres away from me climbing about in the bushes. 
They remind a bit of whales. I know it sounds stupid. Why would a Sardinian warbler remind anyone of a whale? Is it because they are grey? No. For me it’s their inquisitiveness. It’s the way they will come fairly close to you and have a good look at you by cocking their head, to see you with one eye, just like whales and dolphins do. The similarities end there I suppose. I love the black head of the male and the red eye-rings of both sexes. They just seem like a fun bird who is entertained by visitors and then goes off about its business. The bird above was in a spot not far from the road and near a viewing area which I must return to when it’s not so hot. 
The bird above and the female below were in a bush in the garden of a Casa Rural, or rented rural house, down in Osuna near Seville. Totally in character with what I have just said, they spent the whole day about 10 metres away from a bunch of loud homebrewers making beer on the patio.

2012_06_15 LAT - Sardinian Warbler - male (Sylvia melanocephala) 01
Sardinian Warbler – male (Sylvia melanocephala)
Sardinian Warbler - female (Sylvia melanocephala) 02
Sardinian Warbler – female (Sylvia melanocephala)

No need to go to Sardinia for Sardinian Warblers. See them in La Mancha, Spain during your birding tour with Oretani Wildlife. Whales might be a lot more difficult.

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