Just passing through…

In Peralvillo the other day I had the pleasure of seeing this Temminck´s Stint. It´s a very small wader and almost went unnoticed as I was focusing on the Collared Pratincoles that were there. The winter in tropical Africa and then migrate North to the taiga regions of northern Europe and Asia. It´s a long way to go and I didn´t see any others in the area.

Curiously, according to Wikipedia, they have a bit of an odd breeding relationship which I quote here:

“Temminck’s Stints have an intriguing breeding and parental care system in which males and female parents incubate separate clutches, typically in different locations. Males establish small territories and mate with a female who lays a first clutch of eggs. She then moves to a second territory and mate, and lays a second clutch that she incubates herself. Concurrently, her first male may mate with an incoming second female, who lays her second clutch on his territory. The male thereafter incubates his first mate’s first clutch alone.”

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