How to annoy a birdwatcher…Part II


Birding Dress Sense?

So this is an exaple of what I mentioned in an earlier post about how to annoy a birder. I had spent five hours in my hide with the Collared Pratincoles, and various other waders, including a first for me, Temminck´s Stint. Then this guy turns up with a decent enough camera and lens wearing a highly inappropriate red football jersey, black shorts and red and black shoes. He maintained his distance for a while then approached to within 30 metres of my hide. The noise was incredible as every bird took to the skies. He got a few shots and went off. Well that buggered my last half hour. A few came back again and I got a few more shots but they were all nervous now so I left.

On the way back I passed him and stopped to give him some advice on dress sense and birding etiquette. He was quite apologetic and took it well so we left on good terms. Hopefully in the future he´ll dress in something a little less anarchic and give hides a wide berth.

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