A Bateleur in Spain!

Bateleur Female 1 (Terathopius ecaudatus)
Bateleur female (Terathopius ecaudatus)
I can’t believe it. I have just seen the news yesterday that a juvenile Bateleur Eagle has been sighted in Algeciras, Spain. This is the first ever sighting of one here and even in Europe! I remember my first and only time seeing one, in Botswana, and I was stunned by it. Ungainly in flight but yet with a regal demeanour. The photos I have here are of the female I saw in Botswana. The one in Algeciras is a juvenile and obviously likes to go against the grain somewhat. Here’s a link to the sighting.
The short tail of the Bateleur and it’s unique way of flying make it unmistakeable in flight, almost as if it were unstable. A marvelous sighting for Spain and Europe. The question is now, where will it go?

Bateleur Female 3 (Terathopius ecaudatus)
Bateleur female (Terathopius ecaudatus)

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