My Name is Legion!!

2012_07_06 RUI - Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea) 04
Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea)
Myself and Mrs. HibernoManchego went to the Natural Park in Ruidera for a weekend of camping to escape the heat of the city and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lakes. When we arrived we were greeted by thousands upon thousands of moths flying about the road and woods. Coincidentally they turned out to be the same moth as in my last blog post about an Underwing Moth without a common name.

2012_07_06 RUI - Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea) 05
Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea)

All the way up the road to the campsite they were everywhere. At the campsite they flitted amongst the tents and campers. They were active all day and night long. During the day they were all over the trees, mainly the oaks but also the poplars in the campsite. Walking past would temporarily rise great clouds of them.

2012_07_06 RUI - Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea) 09
Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea)

During the night they crowded about the lamps.

2012_07_06 RUI - Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea) 06
Underwing Moth (Catacola nymphaea)

I have seen irruptions of jellyfish in Ireland, an invasion of carniverous locusts in the Alcudia Valley but never before have I seen such an irruption of such stunning and inoffensive creatures. It looked like most people ignored them, however I was enthralled. To find a moth I had never seen before in our flat stairwell the other day was exciting enough, but then to find millions of the same at the weekend was brilliant. At least now I know their name. Their name is Legion!!

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