Glossy Ibis and Great Egret found and Binos lost.

Well today was a sort of big up and huge down. I was viewing a Great Egret at the observatory in Peralvillo and let down my binos on the seat, took some photos of said GE and then left forgetting my binos. A bit further down I saw a strange black bird, then two, and realised these were no ordinary find, so I jumped out and rattled off a load of shots. Meanwhile, one of the Environmental Agency chaps came along and we chatted about the GE and Glossy Ibis´s I´d just found. We swapped numbers and off we both went. I carried on, thrilled with my ibis´s and only 20 minutes later went for my binos and “OH NO!!”. I tore back to the hide but they were gone, so I called the chap I had been talking to who hadn´t seen them but had seen a local walking his dog who may have found them. Well I couldn´t find him although I drove around quite a bit looking for him. Maybe tomorrow I´ll find him and/or leave a notice in the bar across the road.

ANYWAY, Glossy Ibis eh? In Peralvillo eh? Great Egret eh? I tell you, if this is a sign of how the spring will turn out, it´s a damn fine start. I know neither are rarities in Spain, but they certainly are this far north I think. I believe both species can be seen in Doñana (what can´t) but here in Ciudad Real? In January? BRILLIANT!!

Oh and if anyone picked up a set of Nikon binoculars in Peralvillo, please send me a mail…cheers.

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