Golden Eagle in Alarcos!!

Surprise of the day was a 1st winter Golden Eagle in the hills west of Alarcos Castle. I was watching the usual Marsh Harriers upsetting flocks of Lapwings along the river when I noticed some large birds a few kilometers upriver soaring on the updrafts. I guess they were vultures. Every now and again I´d cast my eyes on the hills behind to see if they came towards me. They didn´t.
Instead I found this 1st winter Golden Eagle flying about just after the sun had gone down behind the hills. As soon as I saw the white flashes above and below the wings I knew it was something different. I´ve only ever seen one before down in the Alpujarra and at about the same distance, miles away…
It would fly about and land every now and again. At one stage a fox came within 10 metres of it causing it to fly off. I hope there are plenty rabbits up there for them both. Normally you would have to go out to more remote areas to see one, such as Cabañeros or south to the Morenas, but hey, I don´t mind the odd tourist about. Who knows, maybe it will stay a while.
Well I´m off out again now braving what is a very cold spell here to see if it´s still about. Later…oh and I got my binoculars back thanks to the chappy who owns the bar La Creperia in c/ Jara, Ciudad Real.

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