Manchegan Mochuelos

There´s an old road through the “Dogs-Teeth” landscape in Extremadura where you are always guaranteed Little Owls perched on the rocks. They were something I always wanted to see more of around Ciudad Real. Well, just recently I have been spotting quite a few. It´s not easy but they always seem to be that bit rounder than the rocks they perch on, or in this case the ruined wall. They never seem to mind you stopping and having a look or taking pictures and continue to scan the area around them but always giving a check every now and again on what you are up to.

If you step out of the car they´ll start to bob up and down in their alarm fashion and either drop down to hide or fly off to their next perch. I´m really happy that there are so many more here now on our doorstep. It is quite a distance to see them on that dog-tooth road.

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